Walgreens Marketing Mix

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A product that I absolutely love, that I believe others should use is a product called 100% Raw Organic African Shea Butter. This product is originally grown in West Africa and has the appearance of a nut but is technically a pit and is closely related to the pit of an avocado or apricot than a nut such as a walnut or almond. The reason I love this product is because it can be used in numerous ways such as skin care and medicinal natural ways, it also helps with locking in moisture and oils in natural hair. In regards to skin, shea butter is an all-natural vitamin A cream that is a highly effective moisturizer. Vitamin A in shea butter is important for improving a number of skin conditions, which include blemishes wrinkles, eczema, and even dermatitis. When it comes to hair care, I have natural hair, meaning no chemicals, no dye, no relaxers just simply water, shea butter, and…show more content…
This product is unlikely a product you are able to find on the shelves of any known stores such as Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens, so it’s mostly sold in/ at small town corner convenient store in or around a predominantly ethnic community. Once the product has been introduced to the public, I would advertise the product on television, in newspapers, even seeking medical professionals to give their opinion on the product, as an act of good fate, I would then package the product differently and give an in depth detail of what the product can do for you. The original package is a small eight ounce tub that has a yellow label on the top and gives details of what the product is however, that would not be enough to grab the customer’s attention. After package has been improved, the in depth details have been written, the next step would be to introduce the new product to the

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