Similarities Between Beowulf And The Wife's Lament

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In both the excerpt about Unferth from Beowulf and the poem “The wife’s Lament” theme of betrayal and anger are shown throughout the text. Beowulf and Unferth from Beowulf and the wife from The Wife’s Lament both express their feelings by showing Betrayal, anger, and contempt. In Beowulf, Unferth expresses his feelings through anger towards Beowulf when he says “So i am sure you will pay a heavy price although you have survived countless battle storms…” (Beowulf 42-43). Unferth does not like Beowulf from the time that he meets him till now. The quote explains how he tries to make him look bad. Unferth feels betrayed because now that Beowulf has come, the people look up to him and don’t notice Unferth anymore because they are blinded by the things Beowulf has achieved.…show more content…
“I do not boast because of this though of course it is true you slew your own brothers” (Beowulf 503-504). Beowulf feels anger because Unferth has tried to make him look bad in front of his men, trying to say that he got lucky winning this battle but that when he goes for grendel he isn’t going to get that lucky. Beowulf brings up how Unferth killed his brothers, his own blood, so he shouldn’t be talking about Beowulf because he did worse by killing his brothers. Just as Beowulf shows anger towards Unferth the wife from The Wife’s Lament, shows anger towards her separation from her husband. “I must far and near bear the anger of my beloved” (Stanford 25-26). This quotes explains how the woman has to carry the anger she has of her husband because of the separation and that he left her all alone in the woods, she also feels anger when she realizes that she has no longer has a friendship with her

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