Jonny Barys Marketing Strategy

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Product is the first variable of the 4 P’s marketing that may help the firm in make strategic decisions in order to smooth for running of the product. A product is anything that can be provided to market for attention acquisition, use, or consumption that might satisfy a want or need to the target market. As a business, before launching any new product the marketing mix strategy is a set of four decisions which need to be taken. Product decisions is the first decisions you have to take before others marketing plans. Product strategy included product’s attributes, branding, packaging, labeling, product support services. When develop a product, you should think of the quality, design, features packaging and customer service and others after sales…show more content…
Product quality has to consistent with other variables of marketing mix and is a major tool for positioning the product. So a pricing strategy has to reflex the quality of the product. For the Jonny Rockets, they will provide quality product with add touch of fun and entertainment to recreate that special combination when they serve in restaurants. About the product quality of Jonny Rockets food, they partnered with nationally recognized high quality brands. The hamburger patties are the full 1/3 ib. fresh ground beef, seasoned, hand-pressed and grilled to perfection. Their product of shakes and malts are hand-dipped with ice cream that’s made specially. A product features are the competitive tools for differentiating a product from competitor’ product. A Johnny Rockets Restaurant offers a menu of lunch and dinner products featuring hamburgers made to order and other items served in the style of a classic Americana sit-down restaurant setting. The style and design refers the appearance of the product and contributes to product usefulness as well as to its look. The food presentation of Jonny Rockets is nice and good looking and the important is its taste and delicious description match with advertising. You will never get disappointed with Jonny

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