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BACKGROUND The word ‘Canon’ comes from the Greek word kanon, which refers to a measuring apparatus. But it also means that the collection of canonical books becomes our rule of life. Canon Inc headquarter is in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the largest companies related to imaging technology and optical products. It has grown into a very larger brand with its regional offices in almost all parts of the world. Canon began with the establishment of Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory in 1933. In 1962, Canon developed its first five-year plan in preparation for full-fledged entry into the business machine market. In 1976, Canon launched its Premier Company Plan with the aim of becoming an excellent global company. In 1988, Canon announced…show more content…
The advantages of first mover benefit has always first tasted by Canon. Movie camera was first introduced by Canon in 1958 that used canon flex and zoom lens became an instant hit. After that, Canon launched a product that called green calculator. This device and its user manual is whole made up with recycle materials. It is driven through solar power having solar panels with replaceable battery. Canon products are both durable and sustainable. The best part of Canon’s product is recycling and the products are environment friendly. Price: Canon price always lower than its top competitors. Canon focused on quality of product to attract new customers. They have their smart pricing strategy to retain their loyal customers. Canon always try to find a way to balance the price between selling and cost. They also try to take minimum profit out of their customer. Canon have kept their pricing in such a way that maximum number of people can afford. Basically, they follow a competitive pricing strategy. They have a lot of competitors such as Nikon in cameras and HP in printers. So with best quality and least price, Canon makes an eye candy for customers.…show more content…
In addition, the product depth is high with the division run in servers, computers, workstations and printers. The company go along with fair pricing strategy which charges for the expertise and quality it gives in the field of software and hardware. Moreover, the company fights with disagreement such as after sales services, quality and regime, and supreme performance. Other than that, Hewlett Packard got a new method utility pricing scheme which is the first-in pay-per-use. With this new method utility pricing scheme, the customers only has to pay one time they have utilized the services which is offer by the

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