Violent Media Analysis

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“Yo Doc, Stop Prescribing Antidepressants and Start Prescribing Violent Media!” According to Gerald Jones, violent media can actually have positive effects on young people because violence can be a gateway for people that are an outcast to everyone surrounding them. Jones also believes that violent media are a positive influence on children because it can make children fearless and mentally stronger. They can do it by impersonating a superhero and/or villain from their favorite TV shows, short stories, and video games. Jones makes some good points. For example, he says, “The dual-identity concept at the heart of many superhero stories helps kids negotiate the conflicts between the inner self and the public self as they work through the early stages of…show more content…
All in all, instead of claiming violent media is completely bad and should not be viewed to our children, we should give it a chance and use personal experiences as a guide toward the youth for a better future. In “Violent Media is Good for Kids,” Jones uses many personal experiences to prove how violent media had benefited himself and many people. He talks about his life, his son, and a little girl he knew. When Jones was 13 he was alone and afraid. He was always taught violence was wrong and his parents created a barrier between him and the pop culture of the 1960s. Then the Incredible Hulk performed a “Hulk Smash,” which caused the barrier to collapse. The character Hulk related to him because the world misunderstood him. It allowed Jones to be unafraid of his desires and allowed him to release an energizing rage. Another example happened at a later time in Jones’ life, which was with his son. In first grade, his son wanted to climb a tree
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