Metallurgical Engineering Personal Statement

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An instinctive liking towards science and a passion for technology motivated me to choose engineering as a profession. I would like to take this opportunity to describe my educational background and career objectives that have motivated me to pursue a career in the petroleum industry. From a very young age, physics(science) has been the driving force of my curiosity about all things around me. My father, who is an engineer himself, supported this curiosity and helped me in learning the basic applications of physics. With an urge to develop a deeper understanding of application for basic sciences, I majored in physics, chemistry, mathematics during high school, driven by my never-ending gusto to learn, I secured a place in one of the most prestigious engineering institutes in Asia, the PEC University of technology, Chandigarh, India. My undergraduate education in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering led me to acquire a strong background of concepts such as…show more content…
I know that this field deals with the most complex technical and engineering challenges in the industry, and therefore, I am choosing masters’ level degree from USA in this field as it is highly advanced in terms of the technology of petroleum prospection and development. As a result, this will make me competent and provide exposure to work in such an environment. It is a challenging prospect, but a very rewarding one, offering the chance to work in collaboration with experienced professionals and using advanced technology in this field. I want to be part of a new age where engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries in an effort to be cleaner, more efficient and extract value of our world's depleting resources. Enrolling on my specified course is the best decision for me to develop my interest further and will lead me to my chosen career of working within the field of natural

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