Pros And Cons Of Work Specialization

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The work specialization in our organization (Trofi Fruitzz) will be applied in order to achieve a highly efficient result that will ensure an optimum productivity of our company. The fundamental principle in work specialization is that work can be performed more efficient if employees are specialized (Daft and Marcic, 2008). It will be done by dividing the work activities into separate job tasks based on the specialization of each and every one of the employee. The work specialization is done within each of the department made by assigning each worker for different work. For example, the employee hired must having a certificate or education qualification in one of the skills required for the position applied. For instance in research and…show more content…
Trofi Fruitzz chose the functional departmentalization to divide the jobs since this type of departmentalization most widely practised by small organizations (Lussier, 2015). Since our company is started from small organization at the beginning, therefore this suits our company very well even it brings few pros and cons to our company especially to the workers. Among the advantages of applying this form of departmentalization are: • The work was done by highly skilled specialists in each field • Can lower the cost via reduced of duplication • Problems of communication as well as coordination can be lessened In Trofi Fruitzz, the departmentalization which was done under functional aspect was constructed by different manager for each department. Under the plant manager, there are few other managers that were assigned in different department to observe and make related decisions that is necessarily in their area. Below is the departmentalization of manager according to the job functions respectively. Plant manager which is the owner of the company was ranked on top of the department and carry different functions as to the other managers. The financial, human resources, product marketing, research and development and operation managers have different functions and focus in the company based on their assigned…show more content…
Daily operations and decision making responsibilities are delegated by top management to middle and lower-level managers within the organization. The top management will be more focus on major decisions. Employees can be empowered by having more autonomy to make their own decisions. It allows them to make better use of experience and knowledge that they have gained and implement it. The decision making also will be more efficient and quicker than centralized structure as the manager can make decision without having to wait for it to go up a chain of

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