Deviance In My Little Pony

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Josh wakes up to the blaring alarm which signals it’s time to claw his way out of bed and get ready to go to class. Throughout the day he spends his free time playing a My Little Pony app on his phone until after class when he plugs into his dual computers to spend his Friday night playing PlayStation and watching My Little Pony. Not really your typical college guy’s Friday night. Since he was young, Josh has been conditioned to be a deviant. Nestled between Black Creek and Ellabell, Georgia; grew up a young, naïve Joshua Afroozi who didn’t have much of a choice as to his upbringing. With a very southern family in an extensively rural town, he didn’t have much access to electronics or a bustling city life full of the diversity and influence that comes with it. Therefore, this directly affected the development of his current deviance. In fact, not long after moving to the more suburban city of Cumming, Georgia did he start becoming interested in standing out and “breaking the mold” as well as broadening his horizons technologically. He moved away from the socially controlled podunk town that insisted Josh attend church every Sunday and go on seasonal hunting trips, to the much more socially lenient city of Cumming where his ritualistic deviant tendencies could more easily blossom. His love of video…show more content…
He finds it a part of his daily routine and even finds inspiration in the show and games. Josh explains that “now it is a hobby, but I started watching it in the very early stages and watched it as it grew in popularity. It was super important to me and helped me get through all the issues with my mom and stepdad.” It was something that helped him emotionally and resulted in his love of graphic design. “I definitely got much more excited about going into graphics because of this show,” says Josh, now majoring in Graphic Design. As a result of his cultural deviance, he has found his passion in

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