Literature Review Of Literature: The Effects Of Media Violence On Children

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Review of Literature The effects of media violence on children has been a widely researched topic for many years. The topic has been studied more recently, because of advancements in technology, in regards to video games, and the surge in school shootings. Some of the first ever inquiry about this topic can be traced back to the early 1970’s. According to research done by Ahmed Darwish (2001), the Surgeon General in 1972 concluded “television violence indeed does have an adverse effect on certain members of our society”. Due to this conclusion “a torrent of research, congressional theory, and expression of public concern” has ensued (Darwish 2001). Most of the research seeks to understand the link between exposing children to violent media…show more content…
One might ask what qualifies as violent or aggressive? One of the studies conducted on this topic, examines the impact of violent media on children. It explores the responsibility of the media. The research also analyzes the influence culture, peers, school, and media have on a child’s behavior and development. This research on violent media describes violence as any social behavior aimed at purposely hurting another person. The most commonly referred to form of violence is physical violence, but research includes non-physical forms. This includes verbal abuse, intimidation, aggressive humor, and other expressions of aggression (Dogutas, 2013). Dogutas sites that, the most accepted definition of media violence is from the National Television Study (1998) as follows: "... any overt depiction of a credible threat of physical force or the actual use of such force intended to physically harm an animate being or group of beings. Violence also includes certain depictions of physically harmful consequences against an animate being or group that occurs as a result of unseen violent means. Thus, there are primary types of violent depictions: credible threats, behavioral acts, and harmful consequences (p.41)" (Dogutas,…show more content…
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