9/11 Analysis Factors

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The 11 September 2001 attacks (often referred as 9/11) were a suicide attacks by Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda in United States such as the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon, and supposed to attack Washington, D.C. . There were almost 3,000 people tragically killed in this attack. This attack was so phenomenal that it became a global concern. The following are the four levels of analysis to explain why the attacks happened and whether it provides a comprehensive understanding of events in the international arena. The first level of analysis is the individual analysis. It concerns about the perceptions, choices and actions of individual human being. People thought that Osama Bin Laden held the most crucial role in 9/11 attacks. However,…show more content…
In fact, he was ‘the principal architect of 9/11 attacks’. There are some factors to support that he was the principal architect of 9/11 attacks. Firstly, he masterminded the idea to attack United States and presented it to Bin Laden in 1996. Besides, he was the leader of al-Qaeda media committee, advisor, and financer for the 9/11 attacks. There were many motives behind the 9/11 attacks but the main reason of Mohammed’s plan was his disagreement towards U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel. The next example of individual analysis of the 9/11 attacks was the psychology of perception and decision that the presence of American troops in Saudi Arabia was too near to Mecca thus is a provocation to the entire Muslim world. The Muslims have the perception that Saudi Arabia is their holiest place, hence, those who are not Muslims are not suppose to stay near their holy place. Therefore, they decided to start a ‘Holy War’ against the United States since 1998 and the 9/11 attacks were the significant step of executing their Holy War. Domestic level is the second level of analysis. This level of analysis concerns how the totals of individual within states can affect state actions in the international arena. At this level of analysis, there are two example of the cause of 9/11…show more content…
Saudi Arabia is an Islamic state where its basic systems of government are based on Islamic law. There are many Islamist groups in an Islamic state. These Islamist groups are either non-violent or violent groups. The violent groups may include militias and terrorist networks such as al-Qaeda are very common in an Islamic state. The reason of the existence of these violent groups is because, as has been mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Muslims have an opinion that jihad is the Muslims’ duty and jihad may include terrorism. Therefore, even though some violent Islamist groups are terrorist network, those groups are not banned seriously in Islamic

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