Video Game: The Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Let’s play! What are video games? Well, the obvious answer is games played on a console, computer, phone or some other form of digitally manipulable puzzle or challenge. But how did (by definition) “the player of digital puzzles”, or gamer acquire a bad reputation? People often associate the term “gamer” with the unruly, lazy, unintelligent teenager that lays around “doing nothing but playing on that d**m game”, or so says my mom, and many other people in today’s world. As someone who really enjoys playing video games, I often choose to disassociate with people who choose the fixed mindset of such a negative definition for something great. People who play video games are required by the predefined rules of today’s gaming industry to be…show more content…
First off, when someone tells me that a gamer is unintelligible or stupid I will laugh at them because the ability to multitask is the backbone to a form of intelligence people often overlook. First, research shows that playing video games will increase that persons’ reflexes, hand-eye-coordination, navigation, and many other effects on the way their mind reacts to stimuli in the real world based on acts while immersed in the digital one. Now we understand that people can really learn from playing video games. Proving, multitasking is a form of intelligence. Second, people often associate intelligence with focus, but gamers continue to prove otherwise. As an example, a master chess player is considered very intelligent. He or she focuses, plans, and calculates every one of their moves. Gamers are the opposite in many ways, they focus on…show more content…
Firstly, you have to be able to manage your time well enough to fit gaming into your schedule. For example, you cannot be a gamer without a job or source of income because you would never be able to buy new games let alone a $650 system. In turn, gamers who keep a steady job and are responsible are inherently mature enough to manage their games and their real life together. Furthermore, each game is a challenge and takes dedication to finish, especially with all achievements. In fact, some players spend days trying to get specific achievements and beat challenges, some of which are only able to be earned in the intense-online multiplayer game mode. Consequently, it takes dedication to spend hours upon hours earning achievements and finding small secrets in the game to become the best. Thirdly, there are so many formidable competitors to try and defeat. As an example, a new game released on dual platform will often attract millions of players at once. In turn, providing a plentiful amount of variety to keep the gamers mind attracted. With everything considered, being a gamer takes a strenuous amount of dedication to truly be

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