World Trade Organization: The World Trade Organization

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WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION The world trade organisation is an international organisation developed to manage trade and trade rules between all the nations in the world. It is an intergovernmental organisation and it is started on 1st January 1995 under Marrakech agreement approved by 123 countries and it was replaced by general agreement on tariffs and trade. WTO developed a framework which helps to control the trade between all countries which is participating in wto. Majority of the problems deals by the WTO raised from the negotiations of trade between countries. The main purpose of WTO is to help trading of gods and services between the producers to conduct smooth flow of business. The procedure to become a member of world trade organisation…show more content…
In India, it is not only dealing with India’s trade, also it has impact on the Indian economy. WTO has both good and bad effect on Indian economy. • WTO plays a major role in the export earnings of the Indian economy. There are two types of exports that are merchandise export and service export. WTO helped the Indian economy for the growth in the both sectors. There is a significant increase in the export rate of Indian from 2004 to 2009 that is approximate 20.7 percentages. But in 2009 Indian export rate was fell down due to global slowdown. But again Indian sustained good export rate by the end of 2011.WTO mainly focused on increasing the export rate of developing countries by reducing tariff no tariff trade between the countries. • It helped in the agriculture exports of the country. Agriculture is the one of the largest sector in the economy and it contributing highly in the GDP rate of the country. India always expecting high export earnings from the agriculture exports.WTO helped to reduce trade barriers and domestic subsidies helped raise the price of the agricultural products in the International…show more content…
It includes • Reduction of trade and non tariff has unfavourably affected some of the developing countries including India. Many of the Indian product and services hit by this. It includes carpets, pharmaceuticals, marine products, floriculture etc… • As per the participating countries decision on WTO they decided to duty and quota free market access to products and services originating from the underdeveloped countries. So India has to face adverse effect of competing with cheap LDC exporters. • The agreement made on GATS also helps the developed nations. Now the service sector has to face competition from giant foreign firms WTO is one of the important organisations which will highly influence international trade laws and regulations. It also will help the globalisation of the countries also help the counties to increase their competitive advantage and help to take advantage of other developed countries. PROTECTION OF DOMESTIC INDUSTRIES World trade organisation’s main aim to make lower trade barrier between the member countries and to provide protection. By the term protection, it means to say protect the domestic industries from lower priced imports and barriers against import of goods from other countries are

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