Violence: The Role Of Violence In Video Games

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Introduction My first memory of video games was waking up as a child in the morning and being introduced to Super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo games console by my older cousins. I was absolutely delighted by the cartoon characters and spent weeks racing through various Mario world levels and striving to save the princess and I must admit that I still enjoy them even though I am not playing often. I have very fond memories, seated around the television with the newest game system, laughing and socializing with my brother and our family friends as we tried to master the various sports, adventure and shoot-‘em-up games on the market that year. However, the amount of violence represented in these video games…show more content…
In its general context, G. Frasca states that a video game is: “any forms of computer-based entertainment software, either textual or image-based, using any electronic platform such as personal computers or consoles and involving one or multiple players in a physical or networked environment”. Taking into consideration that video games are not necessarily used in a recreational or entertainment context alone, I would agree that computer-based educational software could also be encompassed in this statement. Professor Marsha Kinder alludes that video games are:“different from other media because they actively engage children in violent acts”. Video game players perform the acts of shooting, blowing up or beating up characters or objects within the game flow, therefore this relationship with the act of violence, has educators, parents and medical professionals interested that the violent activities are being transmitted from the game into the behavioral construction of the child. Some researchers claim that, “performing violent actions in video games may be more conducive to children’s aggression than passively watching violent acts on television” and that “the more children practice violent acts, the more likely they are to perform violent acts”

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