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TV Programs for Eating Healthy Food Unhealthy diet is a problem in our community. Unhealthy food does not provide nutrition that body needs in order to remain healthy, so it can result in serious health issues. There are plenty types of unhealthy food such as white bread, French fries, potato chips, and processed meats which “have a high risk of many serious disease including colon cancer, second type diabetes, and heart disease” (Gunnars).Even though these foods are unhealthy, they are very popular in Kurdistan because people are not familiar with the bad effects that they have on our health. Sugar which is popular in this community leads to health problems such as obesity and diabetes. Healthy food is vital in order for people to be in a good health condition, but many people are not informed about it. In addition, many people do only care about the taste of the food without thinking about its bad effects. In Kurdistan, many people eat unhealthy food. Therefore, serious steps like making TV shows that teach people how healthy food improves their lives and how to cook healthily should be taken. Healthy food includes legumes, fish, fruits, vegetables etc. For example, fruits and vegetables prevent chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, the…show more content…
There are plenty of European food shows that we can translate into Kurdish and be broadcasted. For example, The Healthy Guide which is a half hour program in different episodes educates people about healthy ways to cook food. Also, in Cooking Channel we can learn techniques to cook in a healthy way from the programs they publish. In addition, we have professional chefs who are not supported enough by our community. For example, Chef Kawa has a degree in cooking. He has received his degree in a university in London City (Abdula). We can support Kurdish professional chefs to have their own TV shows on healthy

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