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Abstract- Living a healthy lifestyle is very important for lowering the chance of having chronic diseases related to lifestyle habits, such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Hypertension and High Blood Pressure. More than 50% of UAE population are either overweight or obese. Government of UAE and governments of various Emirates in UAE have taken several initiatives to reduce the prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as awareness campaigns and early detection etc. In line with such initiatives, this research paper has investigated and evaluated the current health status of UAE nationals. Qualitative and quantitative research has been carried out to analyze the healthy lifestyle status of United Arab Emirates nationals in Dubai and proposed a basic healthy lifestyle model which can help in enhancing the health status of the UAE nationals. Keywords: Healthy lifestyle, Smoking, United Arab Emirates, Non-communicable diseases, Diabetes, Cardiovascular. I. INTRODUCTION Majority of UAE nationals in Dubai are aware of the importance of living a healthy life style. However, there are still some facts and information that prove the existence of number of increasing trends in numbers diseases associated with unhealthy lifestyle. People can do a lot to improve the quality of life but it depends on what they do to…show more content…
This model is essential to ensure that UAE nationals living in Dubai can follow to reduce the risk of having chronic diseases risk factors and increase the life expectancy. Based on the qualitative and quantitative gathered data, an analysis was done to address the research problem and to present the building blocks of UAE national’s unhealthy lifestyle. This proposed solution can be communicated to UAE nationals via different kind of media and health campaigns to promote for healthy life

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