Factory Farming: A Moral Issue By Peter Singer

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Americans don’t have equal access to healthy and affordable foods because in today’s society Americans have more access to unhealthy food; which can cause obesity. I care about and would like to do more research on why healthy food in America is not accessible to lower- income individuals. My goal for this paper is to explain why Americans don’t have equal access to healthy and affordable foods and why eating unhealthy food can cause obesity in America. “Factory Farming: A moral Issue” by Peter Singer talks about factory farming and understand the impact it has on the animals used in the process. I want to start off with factory farming because this is where everything dealing with mass process foods is produced and this is how we get our…show more content…
These animals that are used in the process of factory farming spend their whole animal life imprisoned inside a dark shed, never allowed outside for fresh air and sunlight. Their sorrow isn’t just for a couple of hours or a short period of time, but for their entire animal life. Calves are constricted in these narrow areas too constrict for them to even turn around, let alone walk anywhere. Not only do calves suffer, so do egg-laying hens. These hens are squished into cages too tiny and too crowed for them to even stretched their wings or walk. This also occurs with baby chicks as well. Being jammed into these constricted cages these hens and chicks become aggravated causing them to attack each other. In order for them to not kill each other and to prevent a lost in their profit the companies/ producers burn off their beaks with a hot knife, ripping through their delicate nerves causing them to go through a great amount of pain and suffering. Each shed a farmer has can hold up to 20,000 chickens. Those chickens are rapidly growing to fast for their little bodies. Not only are these birds confined in a tights space but these companies are genetically breading their chickens to develop in just forty-five days. Their undeveloped

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