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Japan Economy Japan, the world’s second largest economy, is experiencing the worst economic crisis since the Second World War and the government is attempting to avoid a return to the lost decade of the 1990 when it was stuck in a deflationary spiral. We all know that the economy of Japan is better and great than the economy of the United States and Philippines but I believe that Philippines and United States doesn’t really need to ask loan from Japan or from any other county because United States is rich in natural resources that could help the county earn more income as well as the Philippines. Japan helps Philippines and Philippines help Japan by shipping product to and from Japan. It’s good to know that Japan and Philippines are helping each other for the better of each economy. In many aspects…show more content…
My reaction of this whole Japan economy that they economy has been in a down fall but they manage to get help from the government to pull thing back together to build their economy strong. While reading over some of the things happen in Japan they have come a long way with such help from the government and other countries like China and Asia to better their economy within their business and industry. Japan has been less successful partly because of the population density and limited space of the country. Japan’s computer industry developed with very high speed and moved into international market. Japan computer technologies are some of the most advanced in the world. Japan exported over billon computer equipment this economy has imports and exports from automobiles to electronic, food etc. Between 1860 and 1940, Japan economy was transferred from dominance of agriculture and handicrafts and small amount of trade with the outside world toward the industrial technology. Japan has experienced maturity crisis, meaning Japan economy get relative lower demand when income flow more to employers and less to workers. Japan textiles dominated the home markets

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