Discipline In Extreme Ownership

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Throughout the past nine weeks in the academy we have determined and shown that we can overcome challenges while passing each subject. However as a group we have yet to fully succeed in coming together as one team, and furthermore we have only been getting by. To fully reach our potential as a group, each individual must adhere to the idea that discipline, focus, and dedication will allow us to succeed. Discipline is the most important out of the three qualities. Jocko Willink, author of the book Extreme Ownership, explains in depth the value of discipline in the last chapter of the book. He explains how discipline equals freedom, going into detail on how self-discipline affects your life, and how discipline within a group can formulate the…show more content…
Jocko Willink summarized the affects that are possible with a disciplined approach well by stating that: The more disciplined standard operating procedures (SOPs) a team employs, the more freedom… and thus they can execute faster, sharper, and more efficiently. Just as an individual excels when he or she exercises self-discipline, a unit that has tighter and more disciplined procedures and processes will excel and win (pg. 228). Currently, some of our actions as an academy have resulted in long addition hours of work, as well as inefficient use of time for not meeting the standards. Had the team as a whole worked with more discipline and effort to exceed the standards set then it would have allowed for more efficient and effect results. Additionally there have been conflicts as a direct result of failure to designate responsibility that could have been avoided by utilizing a more disciplined standard operating method. As weeks go by in the academy the group has been learning from mistakes though and has begun to realize the power of more standardized operating procedures. Simple tasks, like accountability of a key has become standardize for the location and placement to enable better tracking. Thus reducing the amount of time needed to locate keys throughout the day and when locking the engines. Although as minor of a detail it may…show more content…
As each member of the academy class works towards improving themselves and their subject skills, it is the details of the group as whole that must not be forgotten. By remaining disciplined as a team, the team will operate more effectively and eventually become exceptional. There however remains a balance that must be maintained between discipline and freedom which Jocko describes as a dichotomy. He states that “discipline - strict order, regimen, and control - might appear to be the opposite of total freedom - the power to act, speak, or think without any restrictions. But, in fact, discipline is the pathway to freedom” (pg. 230). Thus he stating to be under control and aware of your operating boundaries, allows you are the ability to function without restrictions. Even more so when a group of team members understand this concept as a whole they can do the same with even greater effect leading them towards success. The awareness of the dichotomy allows for members to recognize when there is an imbalance or issue that needs to be address. Allowing for that member to address the group and thereby make a

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