Essay On Social Studies On Domestic Violence

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A Study on domestic violence 1. Introduction A mother's way of punishing her misbehaving child was caught on camera at a salon when she hit her daughter with a slipper and even pulled her by the hair. In the video, the mother and her young daughter were spotted quarreling. Then, the mother slapped her and started to hit her many times with a slipper. The mother seemed to have stopped at one point as she scolds her child. But the spanking and beating started again as the child talks back at her. The child even return hits to her mother as well. However, the violent beating got out of hand when the mother pulled her daughter by the hair and flung her off her feet just to hit her even more. It was painful to watch and the other women in the salon…show more content…
According to the Office on Women’s Health (2011) it consists of mental health problems, for example, depression, anxiety attacks and also post- traumatic stress disorder. Also, some victims of domestic violence turn to unhealthy ways such as smoking or drugs to cope with the abuse, but this causes an opposite effect and worsens the victim’s emotional problems. 3.3. Social effects For social effects of domestic violence. According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway (N.D.) Children and youth who are victims to domestic violence experience social damage. They can feel socially secluded, which poses them a difficulty to make friends as easily due to social displeasure or confusion over what is right and what is wrong. Which can increase a child’s risk of social rejection. 4. What can be done to reduce incidents of domestic violence Due to such incidents existing in our community measures need to be taken. According to Nonell (2013). For communities, the first step is to familiarize individuals and the community with the possible signs and marks of domestic violence. These signs can be different and it does not always appear physically as stated above, there are different types of domestic violence. Also to take note is that someone who may not appear to be a victim of domestic violence might be quietly in pain and it is important to identify such indications in such
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