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Under Armour, started by CEO Kevin Plank in 1997, is an emerging company on the rise in the sports apparel industry. They compete against Nike and Adidas for control of the market. “A multiproduct strategy is an action plan the firm uses to compete in different product markets. Using a multiproduct strategy causes a firm to become more diversified” (Ireland). The primary reason for multiproduct strategies is to improve their performance. Under Armour’s particular strategy of Related Linked Diversification, has allowed them to compete in the sports apparel industry. By definition, this means that the firm generates 70 percent of revenue from its dominant business and allows for economies of scope through corporate relatedness when the firm…show more content…
They make sure to get the most out of available resources, as shown by the fact that they “ try to find manufacturers that can complete multiple functions under one entity”(Krist). Since, they are clearly behind Nike and Adidas, they use these measures to differentiate…show more content…
I believe that for Under Armour to gain significant market share, they must stay with what got them there, and continue to develop their performance enhancing technology. I feel they can market extremely well based on the incredible technology that distinguishes their unique products, and really differentiate it from anything else on the market, giving them the competitive advantage. Nike and Adidas both also have significant presence internationally, with Nike endorsing Ronaldo, and Adidas, with Lionel Messi, the two best players in the world. This has only magnified their rivalry and helped tremendously with their international appeal and brand marketing, as soccer is the most popular sport internationally. Also, Adidas is guaranteed to be the world cup sponsor until at least 2030, which is obviously the biggest stage, and the world’s most watched sports event. Under Armour utilizes Global Strategy, which means the firm “views the world as a single marketplace, and its primary goal is to create standardized goods and services that will address the needs of customers worldwide” (Ireland). Therefore, Under Armour doesn’t change their product to market it worldwide. It’s been difficult for the company to enter the international market, because soccer is Europe’s most popular sport, and they don’t have the brand recognition yet as being a soccer

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