Nike Vs Under Armour Research Paper

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Both Nike and Under Armour share a similar goal. They market their product through giving endorsements to athletes. Nike endorses a huge amount of people from the NFL and famous basketball players like LeBron James. Similarly Under Armour has endorsed and signed deals with renowned athletes such as Tom Brady. Secondly Both companies focus their target at athletes. Parker used athletes to conduct a “rigorous study in the service of making the perfect sneaker, he famously cooked up shoe soles using his wife's waffle iron.” Nike even came out with a shoe line called Air Jordan’s after Michael Jordan. He further states, "It's what people wanted then — to feel like they were special. And that's grown into a whole global culture." Under Armour did…show more content…
Thirdly both companies conduct research for their products and rely largely on research and development. Under Armour uses its “innovation lab” while Nike uses its “innovation kitchen”. Nike's secretive Innovation Kitchen is a think tank for their designer. Athletic ambition, art, and a bit of mad science are all used to produce a product that has made Nike the dominant player in sport shoes and apparel. Under Armour’s Plank described the innovation lab and said that it “requires a special key fob and a vascular scan for entry, and which retains a self-conscious air of secrecy; behind the second of two doors is a row of mannequins, all shrouded in black, like Supreme Court Justices.” Thus coming up with new strategies to consistently coming up with new products that are of equal or better standard than their previous products and keeping their customers…show more content…
Under Armour lacks the general brand recognition with the younger generation. They usually buy Nike as soon as they recognize its famous logo. Under Armour focuses more on children, to get them to buy their product. Under Armour has a full suite of kids' offerings, and do a lot of sponsorships of youth training camps and the Junior PGA Tour. Nike on the other hand does not focus on children as their product is already out there in children’s minds and their strategy is to focus on teenagers and young adults. Another difference is that Under Armour consistently tries to market its brand as a whole through ads and campaigns. However Nike markets its product individually by creating separate product lines. Under Armour had a commercial with Misty Copeland who is wearing Under Armour bottoms and a sports bra. The ad is not focused on the garments she is wearing but on the company’s motto. It shows her story and her struggle to ultimate success using Under Armours’s motto. On the other hand, a Nike commercial featuring Christiana Ronaldo, had their products clearly displayed with their logo. Their shoes and attire was the main focus of the commercial and the camera was continuously zoomed on those to emphasize them. Nike has a well-developed international market and they have half their revenue from sales in international countries. Under Armour on the other

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