Mourning Grave

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Beside the significant props, make-up and hairstyle are another elements that play an important role in this movie. Mourning Grave features students’ customs that reflect the school uniform of high schoolers in South Korea, and make-up of those students suggest the natural faces, hence adding a realistic appeal to the film. Contrastingly, the customs and make-up of the ghost characters are emphasizing on the unnaturalness as people always associate ghost with a scary makeup and bloody custom rather than looking like normal people. But nevertheless, the significance of the ghosts’ customs and make-up exceed the creepy appearance of the characters because customs and make-up help to define the characters. For instance, make-up and hairstyles…show more content…
Lighting has always been one of the important factors in any film genres as it is used to highlight or shade the props, characters, and space that appear before the camera. In addition, it also helps to set up different types that moods according to the film genre. Therefore, lighting is another major components of mise-en-scene for setting up the scary mood for horror movies. Mourning Graves covers a wide range of lighting techniques, but one significant lighting technique that director Oh In-Chun used is low key lighting with an expressive use of shadows and a high contrast between brightness and darkness. As we all know darkness or shadow is mostly associate with negative mood such as somber, horror, moody, and etc. Therefore, the low-key lighting in this film has the main purpose of creating suspense and to frighten the viewers. A great example that shows suspense through lighting is when the two bullies (Hye-Rin and Doo-Sik) walk to Sae-hee’s house. With the medium shot, we see that they both are walking closer to the camera to take up the foreground of frame, and in the background we see a single street light on the right side of the frame. In this shot the street light is being used as the key light and the only light; therefore, it gives the shot a low-key lighting. It builds up the tension and anticipation for viewers by making them wonder whether the ghost will pop out or not. Another example of

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