Mistress Epp's 12 Years As A Slave

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“12 Years as a Slave” takes place in 1841 before the civil war. It’s about a free black man named Solomon Northup who was kidnapped from his family then put into slavery. I believe the story line is of one man’s fight for freedom and survival. Salmon was free in Saratoga, New York in 1841 then a couple of white men named Mr. Brown and Hamilton had tricked him. They made Solomon believe they wanted him for his violin skills, but in reality Mr. Brown and Hamilton really just kidnapped and sold Solomon into slavery. These people made Solomin under false pretext a runaway slave. No matter what he did or said no white man would believe he was not a true slave. Solomon was taken to New Orleans, Louisiana to a slave pen where people bought slaves.…show more content…
Although she had soap he didn’t believe her, he then had her tied up to be whipped. Epp’s couldn’t do it, so he had Salmon lash her. He did it as gently as he could. When Mistress Epps and Mister Epp’s saw this Epp’s put a gun to his head, told him if he didn’t lash her appropriately he’d kill every slave here. Salmon did the lansing's appropriately and soon couldn’t do it anymore so master Epp’s took over. Mistress Epp’s was happy with this. She despised Pastey because she knew how her husband felt about her. Edwin wouldn’t sell her because she was the best cotton picker, so Mistress Epp’s hurt and tortured Pastey the best she could. Mistress Epp’s would scratch Pastey’s face, throw bottles at her, or even give other slaves goodies but not her. Well eventually Mister Epp’s sent Solmon to another master to work on his field for a year. Solomon did as told and lucky that master liked him, and let Solmon go play his violin for money. One day a dunkard was in need of work so he became a cotton picker for Epp’s. When Solomon thought he could trust this white man, he asked if he would send a letter to his family, and Solemn even paid the drunkard with his violin money. Sadly the drunkard only cared about himself, so he told Epp’s that Solomon could read and

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