Bill C-41 Pros And Cons

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Bill C-41 is an act to implement the free trade agreement between Canada and the Republic of Korea. Korea is one of Canada's largest trading partners in the world, it is Canada’s 7th biggest trading country and the third largest in Asian behind China and Japan. In 2003, Canadian exports to South Korea totalled $33.4 billion while Korean exports to Canada totalled $7.3 billion. The Burnaby Douglas residents would more than happily agree with this with the bill because of the economic advantage and technological advancements the bill provides to Canada and themselves. Under the conservatives taciturn management of Canada’s economy, it is clear that they do not have a future reference on what they want to do. The advantages the Bill C-41 provides…show more content…
Through Bill C-41, Canadians and Burnaby Douglas residents will have a higher chance of improving their own lives with the innovated technology. Technology is something Korea has far surpassed Canada in. The President of Korea has made a commitment to ensure that 5% of their entire economy is invested in research and development. What Canada can learn from Korea is, Korea recognise that they cannot have companies on building new types of widgets if they do not invest in the basic of science and technology. Meaning that they focus on the basic structure of something, and I hope through this bill Canada will learn from Korea. Canada is rich in science and technology. Our government understands the importance of science, technology, and innovation therefore Korea is an ideal partner for Canada. Through Bill C-41 Canada will Strengthen relations with Korea that would allow Canada to build a strategic framework with one of the world's most innovative economies. Korea is not only a top funder of research and development projects, but an expert in introducing new technologies into the marketplace. Look at the companies that Korea has built from scratch. The Hyundai Motor Company is $50 billion; POSCO, the steel company, is $33 billion; Kia Motors, $29 billion. Canada’s top ten companies are financial services, but not necessarily innovators. Our automobile makers has essentially been abandoned by the Conservatives. The NDP has done our best to protect it, and that is where things have to start. If we could regain our automobile companies, it will create a domino effect in our economy as more jobs will be created. The Burnaby Douglas residents will more than welcome the advent of more jobs and a greater economy through the passing of Bill

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