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The SWOT analysis for Under Armour, reveals that this company needs to work on their product quality, R&D, and technological knowhow. The strengths of this company as stated above rely heavily on their core competencies in their product line strategy, sports marketing, and retail marketing. They have a huge head start in the business by their athletic connections, family based hiring for the board members, and quick action straight into the foreign markets when they first started out. Under Armour, has a considerable amount of years under their belt for a strong reputation and keep this up by expanding their lines and advertising them through the athletes. Their learning curve has to be the early entrance into the foreign markets that give…show more content…
They test them through athletes and customer demand. Under Armour, has foreign based companies. The major joint venture of Under Armour, is their contracts with athletic teams and companies. These connections promote their product with on-the-field action. Their weaknesses are their petroleum based products. Fossil fuels are a limited resource and to base their main product on that can create an expensive mistake in the long run. Potential market opportunities are the freedom to add any customer groups or market segments for a sport, developing alternative materials to use, using the competitive market around them to create a footwear line and constantly promote it. Potential threats to Under Armour, are the constant rivalry to come up with the next big thing in sports may cause loss in their resources. They spend quite a bit on development and advertising. Someone may enter the market with cheaper products that are just as functional. Policies for foreign trade can stifle their out sourcing. The key success factors of Under Armour’s strategy are technology related, manufacturing related, distribution related, and skills-and capability- related; as described above in the SWOT

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