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1 MISSION To outfit all active individuals globaly with products differentiated on the basis of innovation and brand value. 2 INTRODUCTION From a start-up business operated out of his grandmother’s basement growing into a billion-dollar enterprise, Kevin Plank has made Under Armour a top competitor in the sports apparel industry since it launched back in 1996. Fast forward to almost two decades later, Under Armour has proven to be a tough competitor to its rivals such as Nike, Adidas, and Columbia Sportswear. This company has built up its magnification at a vigorous pace and made substantial inroads in a number of areas in which few expected it to achieve prosperity. However, this company still has some growing pains and alternative strategies such as vertical integration, market and product development could be the key component enabling Under Armour “as a brand for the next generation of athletes.”(Ambulator, 2011). 3 MARKET PENETRATION Based on the case analysis, all of Under Armour’s factory houses are operational in North America and Canada only. With “only 6 percent of UA revenues derived from international markets”, the company must increase its presence in international markets “to gain economies of scale versus…show more content…
132) The Shrink It and Pink It line women line failed back in 2002 with seven pieces cut down from the men’s pattern. In 2010, edifications learned from its endeavor, Under Armour is back with an with an incipiently designed line amended under Armour’s incipiently designed line, with compression shorts, a sports bra, shorts, footwear and other training gear, is being introduced Wednesday with a campaign called “Protect This House I Will” developed a women-concrete line with seven pieces, including a couple of tops and bottoms and a sports bra,” he verbally expressed. “We had followed the industry rule, ‘Shrink it and pink it,’

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