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Trustworthy: I find myself to be a very trustworthy and reliable person. Being trustworthy is the best trait you can have for anything in life and especially for becoming a staff member or for In Real Life, In this case I will be very trustworthy to become a staff member on the ViperHCF network, I will always be trustworthy will never abuse even If I am told by a friend or faction member. Being trustworthy also means that we can be extremely honest with each other unless it is something private. We treat the trust of others as a sacred gift, knowing that the server trusts in me as staff, it will boost my continence so that everyone will like me on the staff team. This also goes with the Golden Rule! Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated,…show more content…
I am also a very nice person I don't get mad at anyone If they are cooperating and they don't get mad at me because I am a very chill dude and have a very relaxed attitude. I am also very mature and kind to anyone that I talk to If they need help and I don't have the perms to help them I'll contact a higher up staff member to help me when I need help. I feel if I am positive person towards anyone on ViperHCF or in general and hopefully they will be positive back overall I just want to spread my positivity as a staff member on the server If I get a chance…show more content…
I am a very loyal person, if I say I am going to do something, I always will do it, I pride myself in loyalty. I am super loyal in general, As a staff member I will be very loyal and kind to everyone I talk to in team speak,forums, and in real life also even though I might despise the person I am talking to . If a friend in my faction requests for me to abuse for them, I will obviously without no hesitation decline their request because I want to play fairly and be fair to everyone who logs on the ViperHCF network and treat everyone how I would want to be treated with nothing but kindness and respect. I will stay loyal and true to the ViperHCF community with great pride, enjoyment and dedication to make the ViperHCF network the best I can make It by devoting all my extra time out of school on the server and by being active In-game, team speak, and forums like any other staff

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