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The development of the society and the evolvement of the times, the architecture functions and investment difference have become multi level and multi style. So nowadays in modern era innovative Business type of Hotels have been emerged which not only provide food and accommodation but also service for tourism, communication, commerce, recreation and shopping, showing respect and care to people (including the disabled people). Modern Business Hotel design pays more attention to the spiritual demands and cultural principle of an environment and pushes the hotel design into more and more multiple style. Even nowadays sustainable development strategy has been adapted as ecological values play a vital role in people’s social behavior. So modern Business hotel designs advocate to combine the environment together with nature and start to focus on eco friendly material to avoid destruction of nature; taking into consideration aspect of even regional, national and historic content. The architectural change, we have noticed that there is a tremendous change in the life style of the people with necessity and comfort…show more content…
Beside transit customers now a days there is a trend of destination weddings and celebrating wedding ceremony in hotels. So, while planning Business Class Hotel there is need to focus on the comfort and luxury of common people and transit travelers. If the site of the hotel is near residential and commercial area the planning of hotel must focus on individuality and innovation by showing style and theme, interaction, multifunction ,regional cultural elements with new ideology of interior designing and decoration which can give an identification mark to distinguish the hotel from typical Business Hotel. So, to Design the Hotel following factors should be taken into consideration: Space Combination, Facade Design, Standards and Status

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