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It is obvious that our society is organized according to some patters. There are people who should make some serious decisions and rule our world and, at the same time, there are also people who follow these decisions hoping that they will result is some benefits for them. Is should be said, that not always people who are responsible for some important decisions are respected by the rest of population. That is why, very often even right and needed solutions cannot be accepted because of the lack of trust which this person has. In coherent society this problem is usually connected with the leadership qualities which a person possesses. Under these conditions, the question of leadership obtains great importance. Trustworthy leader can be more…show more content…
It should be said that a leader which could be trusted is an obvious choice for the officials of the company as he/she can promoted its development and becoming more beneficial. However, sometimes it can be still difficult for stuff to work with such sort of leaders because of their charisma. The thing is that people who also have their ambitions can feel themselves not comfortable while working with a strong leader because very often he/she suppresses everyone with his/her charisma and character. With this in mind. sometimes it can be difficult to work with such leaders. However, if to compare between the work with untrustworthy leader it is possible to say that it is still better choice. Trustworthy leader can be taken as the guaranty of the success of the whole business and, moreover, can teach a person. Having analyzed the main aspects of different kinds of leadership it is possible to make a certain conclusion. First of all, it should be said that trustworthy leader is obviously more efficient as he/she can inspire workers and make the work with the high level of motivation, though sometimes it can be dificult to work with him/her because of his/her strong character. However, such sort of a leader is more preferable than the second

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