Technological Inventions In The Anthem By Ayn Rand

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The Anthem by Ayn Rand is a dystopian novella which portrays a very intransigent but possible future of mankind similar to most of the other dystopian fictions like Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games. It takes place in a harsh and inflexible society on an unspecified date in the future. It is an exact replica of a medieval society where technological advances are carefully planned and individual thought is severely castigated and harshly punished. In that society, the current period is known as the Unmentionable Times as the extensive technological advances taking place are fiercely reprimanded by the so-called governing Councils of that collectivist community. These admonishments were based on the fact that extensive technological know-how would serve to invoke rebellious sentiments among the people. One such citizen of that community was Equality 7-2521. He was exceptionally tall and extremely inquisitive. As a…show more content…
These innovations definitely will improve the quality and eminence of life to great extent and will intensify and enhance the progress and overall advancement. If everybody will be motivated in the same degree, there will be more progression and evolution for the betterment. Motivation also results in high morale and enhanced will power. Sufferings and pain will be history in the world where motivation similar to Equality’s rules and governs the entire race. People will be more knowledgeable and enlightened. Everybody will become more inventive. They will feel satisfied as they accomplished something all by themselves. Many new inventions will be patented all over the world which will lead to more comfort and happiness. Peace will also prevail all over. If only this kind of motivation came over people some years ago, human society would have been far more advanced than it is

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