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I never know what to expect out of the small rustic camp in Carrollton, Ohio, but while I was there on a weeklong adventure I took a new light in how I see the world around me. In 2011 it was my first time journeying to camp ecco and it was surely not my last as I have attended the camp ever since. What makes camp ecco special is the atmosphere created by the many wonderful campers and counselors. The people that had the biggest impact on me were Victoria, Jill, Dylan, and Leah.These wonderful people showed me how easy it is to always look at the positive side of life. My adventure began on an ordinary Sunday morning with a dreadful three hour drive, which ended up to be a great time. On arrival, our crew was greeted in reminisce with hugs and laughter of many close friends. As it was my first time at the camp, I was scared for the unknown. After I socialized and saw that everyone was very friendly and easygoing, I made many new lifelong friendships. The first few days of camp, I just tried to fit in but by the middle of the week I knew that camp ecco was a place where you can just be yourself and everyone accepts you. This has made camp ecco a sort of escape where you can leave all your worries behind. As the week went by I learned immensely from everything that was going on around me.…show more content…
Meeting the counselors and spending time with them over the course of just a few days has changed my outlook on how I view others and myself. What i see in theses mentors is people who are so joyful and uplifting, they each have talents which they aren't afraid to hide and which makes them entirely unique. They have taught me how to just let go of my problems and trust in god. Even without knowing them you can see how strong they are about their faith. I look up to all of these people and hope that i can be a fraction of the beautifully strong people they are

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