Spirit Animals: The Porcupine Spirit

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Have you ever wondered what your spirit animal is? Spirit animals serve as protectors, guiders, helpers and companions. Throughout my childhood adventures, the porcupine spirit, which represents being trustworthy and companionable, aligned with my persona. Currently, my character embodies the helpful, organized, caring traits of the otter and the squirrel spirits. In the future, I hope to obtain the adventurous and guiding qualities of the caribou. As a result of various experiences in my life, the porcupine spirit initially represented my character, today the otter and squirrel spirits reflect my personality and in the future the caribou spirit will influence and shape my growth as a person. As a child, the porcupine spirit, described as…show more content…
Like the otter, I demonstrate a helpful nature and similar to the squirrel, I express strong abilities in planning, organizing and caring for children. Helping others succeed and learn yields noteable gratification. For example, when my friends do not understand a question or equation, I explain it to them so that they comprehend and respond correctly. Or in a like manner, if my parents go to the store and come home with a huge load of groceries, I make sure to help unload and put their purchases away. Since I was young, I have exhibited excellent planning skills. I appreciate organizing activities a week or two in advance. As an illustration, when I planned my birthday party, I broke down the celebration activities into 30 minute time intervals. I also possess an enormous affinity for caring for children. Even when I feel melancholy, children bring me happiness and spending time with them brings me sheer joy. I find myself drawn to hold and take care of babies and toddlers. If I have a free Friday or Saturday night, I frequently spend it babysitting. Wherever I go I find children and connect with them in meaningful ways. The otter and squirrel represent my present character because of their characteristics of being helpful, organized and…show more content…
The caribou spirit represents the quality of mobility, which requires the physical strength and the financial stability necessary for travel. As well, like the caribou, I hope to display the ability to guide through leadership roles both in my career and in my role as a parent. As an adult, I desire strong physical health and financial stability so that I can travel. I hope to travel the world and embark on novel and interesting adventures. My past travel history includes visiting places such as Australia, numerous locations in the United States and touring across Canada and I have loved every second of these trips. Since, five years of age, it has been my dream, to explore portions of every continent in the world. Additionally, in kindergarten I promised my friend Faith to travel to Mexico or Africa when we turned sixteen. At this point we still plan on making that dream come true. Like the caribou, I desire the quality of guidance. Guidance requires having authority, exercising leadership skills, and giving people advice or helpful information. In order to guide wisely and effectively, I will need a strong knowledge base and lead fairly and effectively. Helping others and teaching children new information provides me with great pleasure. In my future career, I want to provide support and knowledge, whether I become a teacher or a physician. Improving my students’ or patients’ ability

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