Analyzing Edger Allen Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

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The Tell Tale Heart Elements to writing a short story are the little bits and pieces that give you big results. In the Tell Tale Heart by: Edger Allen Poe three very important elements to short stories or novels are used frequently throughout the short story. The three elements frequently used are: Setting, characterization, and imagery. Setting is used very often. It is in a big house with many rooms and a big dining room. The reader can tell that they live in a neighborhood because there were neighbors complaining about the screech that came from the old man with the vulture eye when he was murdered. And in the beginning the crazy killer guy was in an asylum saying his senses were sharpened by this “disease” he had gotten from killing the old man with the vulture eye. The author used characterization which is what you are reading when the vulture eye is mentioned. In the Tell Tale Heart the author uses very descriptive detail when describing the old man and his “vulture” eye ball. It uses very descriptive Characterization. It even talks about how he has wrinkly old skin and has a very old face. He was limbless. With no arms and legs. But I guess it was just his eye that he wanted to kill him. It doesn’t say anything about how to crazy killer guy looked like. But I would say he was ugly and had a…show more content…
If that’s considered imagery but I would say it is. I noticed how he used the imagery to describe the old man’s death very well. It doesn’t sound normal for someone to like that in a story but it is used many times in many short stories. For example when the old man screeches. I felt like I was there in the room when the crazy killer sat down on top of the spot where the dead body laid. The author did a great job describing the big dining room. And the pitch black cold room where the old man with the vulture eye

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