Writing Assignment 2: White Collar And Organized Crime

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Eboni Purifoy Writing Assignment#2: White collar and Organized Crime Crime is all around us and comes in various forms. Crime is any activity that is defined, punished and punished under criminal law. Many people have conflicting views on what should be considered crime and what should be done to commit crime. Different types of crime include white, blue, organized and green collar crime. According to Siegel white collar, crime is defined as any business related act that uses deceit, deception or dishonesty to carry out criminal enterprise typically one individual involved. The most common types of white-collar crime include tax evasion, fraud, and embezzlement. Organized crime is behavior that may be planned and carried out for monetary profit by a group of individuals. Though white collar and organized crime are different, they do overlap and violate laws to fulfil ones desires and goals. Both types of crime represent a wide spectrum of behaviors in a business structure. The victims could range from the public up to the employees of the offender. White-collar and organized crime overlap each other because…show more content…
Organized crime may use violence and corruption to achieve goals and is hard to control because there is an absence of control system. Organized crime groups engage in poorly structure and flexible enterprises. According to Siegel, most income from organized crime comes from activities such as human trafficking, narcotics, and smuggling. This type of crime can happen in various location even across states. White-collar crimes typically one person or individual but organized crime includes a group of individual to commit these types of crimes. White-collar crimes are one of the most costly crimes we see in society because they contain large numbers in embezzlement and fraud. Majority of white-collar crime is hidden behind corporations and high business

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