Dimmesdales And Chillingworth's Transformation In The Scarlet Letter

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Morgan Bloch The Scarlet Letter “Nobody ever did, or ever will escape the consequences of his choices”, said Alfred A. Montapert. In life, it is difficult for a person to overcome the outcome of negative decisions. People decide either to share their choices or keep them to themselves, which will turn into a secret. A secret is a burden which weighs heavily on a person physically and emotionally, eventually engulfing their mind, body and soul leading them to a breaking point of destruction. As illustrated in, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the main characters were subjected to internal conflict and external backlash which Hester received. Hester had to deal with the burden and consequence of keeping two other men’s secret to…show more content…
The result of being in power of keeping both Dimmesdale s and Chillingworth s secrets has created Hester to have an emotional change, as well as physical transformation. When Hester first emerged from prison, she was the topic of conversation among the other women in town. These women were interested in Hester because it seemed as though she “[was in] a sphere by herself, and was different compared to them, with her, “broad shoulders and well-developed busts and on round and ruddy cheeks…” (35). Hester’s distinctive physical features prevented her from fitting in. They were aware of the way in which, Hester proudly carried herself even through this time of shame. The women viewed that, “the Scarlet Letter so fantastically embroidered and illuminated on her bosom” (37). Even with the “A” on her bosom, Hester conveyed a sense of pride and beauty within and displayed how she was not afraid or concerned for others to see the “A” clearly…show more content…
Because of Hester’s shaky, unstable emotional state and Pearl’s sickness, a physician, Roger Chillingworth, came to give them medication. During this encounter, Hester said, “I have thought of death…have wished for it…prayed for it” (50). Hester came to the realization that society looked down upon her and the women in the town believed her punishment should’ve been more severe. Hester became emotional drained by the “A”, contrasting to her first time leaving the prison. As time progressed, the burden of wearing the “A” transformed Hester’s appearance. She also felt shame and embarrassment. The town people noticed how the, “light and graceful foliage…fallen away…it was a sad transformation too, that her rich and luxuriant hair had wither been cut off or was so completely hidden by a cap” (112). Hester’s physical changes reflected how she had no desire to stand out. Along with this transformation, Hester’s attire became, “sombre hum” and reserved. Previously Hester’s was bright and different; however, her new attire illustrated her attempt to conform to society. Hester became a shadow of her former self, “gliding silently throughout the town”(59) “There seemed to be no longer anything in Hester’s face for Love to dwell upon, nothing in Hester’s form though majestic and stature like…coldness(112) Hester changed from a person who exemplified warmth and

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