Transformation Manager Case Study

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Gcina Mahlaba is the Transformation Manager at BDO South Africa. She has a holistic and unique perspective of a Transforming South Africa, which stems from her current position and her tenure as a B-BBEE Consulting Analyst. Her insight from playing the role of both the client and the consultant, has given her an inimitable perspective on a Transforming South Africa. Transformation Manager – A Job with Many Hats New to many organisational organograms are titles such as Transformation Manager, Transformation Specialist or B-BBEE Champion. Over the past decade the role of driving Transformation has evolved into a tangible function which needs strategic thinking, strong implementation skills and good interpersonal skills. Gone are the days when…show more content…
What level of competence does a Transformation Manager need? In order for a Transformation Manager to effectively develop, implement and manage the Transformation process, they should be proficient in the following areas: • A broad understanding of the current socio-political landscape. • Ability to recognise the overall benefits of a Transformed nation. • A clear understanding of the applicable scorecard an organisation is measured on; whether it is the Amended Codes or a specific Sector Code. • Be knowledgeable on the legislative Acts that drive Transformation, for example the Employment Equity Act, the B-BBEE Act or the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act and Regulations thereof, to name but a few. • Have the capability to independently develop and manage strategic plans across all areas of the business. • Have the adeptness to manage a verification audit in terms of communicating responsibilities, co-ordinating documentation and monitoring the overall process end-to-end. • Empathy to provide operational support with a resilience for…show more content…
It is, therefore, not unusual for a Transformation Manager to use external reinforcements, or B-BBEE Professionals. The sheer complexity of the verification process in terms of a technical breakdown, interpretation or calculations, often needs to be consulted with a verification specialist. Alternatively, an organisation may need to track their preferential procurement performance or have assistance in rolling out initiatives which are be held off site. A Transformation Manager would ensure the proper vetting of all B-BBEE Professionals is in line with good governance. The vetting process would

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