Duckweed Lab Report

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Introduction This lab is to help understand how certain components affect the growth of a plant, or in this case, duckweed (lemna minor). In this specific study we examined how pH would affect the growth of the plant. We studied it at a control, pH5, pH6, and pH7. Materials duckweed (lemna minor) test tubes water test tubes rack tape that can be written on test tube spatula (optional) solution to change the pH of the water pH strips Methods Prepare the test tubes for the duckweed and the water, making sure there are enough for the control and each designated pH level. (1: control; 2: pH5, pH6, pH7) Label the tubes with tape and a marker, making sure there are enough for the amount of each mentioned above. Fill the test tubes with…show more content…
The duckweed grew in the pH level that was neither too low, nor too high, which was pH6. At first it seemed that the highest level of pH, pH7, was the most suitable for duckweed growth, but it ended not being the most suitable because the population died all at once, dropping from 7 to 0 over a weekend. Although I predicted that the duckweed would not grow too well in pH7, I did not expect it to have done so well at the beginning then die so suddenly near the end. This is all connected to what we have learned in

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