Nurse Manager Leadership

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Nurse Manager has demanding and difficult job which includes directing with people having different education, personalities and skills in order to provide high quality and safe patient care (Shirey & Doebbeling, 2010). It is important that nurse managers needs to prefer various responsibilities for financial management, patient outcome, resource utilization and staff performance along with ensuring care that is delivered in accordance with the organizational policy and standards of practice (Force, 2005). It is important that nurse managers needs to provide better leadership quality, ensure the department or unit runs smoothly and to be a professional role model for other staff members. Overall Analysis The case study describes the characteristics…show more content…
Effective leadership is important for delivering high quality care, allowing facilitating positive work environment for staff development and patient safety. It is important to notice that for a successful shift operation, managing difficult and challenging situation and staff motivation mainly depends on leadership of nurse manager. For Mrs Jackson, there are some significant points to take under consideration: Effective Approach In order to be an effective manager, Mrs Jackson needs to change her attitude towards her staff. As effective and efficient leaders requires maintaining group efficiency, use skilful problem solving approaches, and developing group identification (Tourangeau & Cranley, 2006). It is important to have a passionate, motivational and dynamic trait that is able to influence others and pursues to inspire them. These characteristics are important for Mrs Jackson to adopt or else she might face worst consequences in future. It is vital to win back the trust and respect of her staff members in order to lead the development of clinical practice in a positive way. In fact she can adopt the approach of ‘don’t just tell me, show me’, this will define the need of management instructions that will be sustained by supervision and clear

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