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This report is about a case unsolved for 10 years. I examined all the documents pertaining to the case, and I found this to be the toughest case in my long life as an investigator of crime. A case of homicide where the victim was a white female was reported. She was 24 years of age at the time of her death; she was 64 inches tall and weighed about 140 lbs. The victim was identified by her fingerprints. The official cause of death was drowning as per the pathology report conducted at Chope Hospital, San Mateo. (Q 1 & 2) A lady who was an unidentified witness first reported the case. She called the local police on Sept 20, 1989. The lady reported that she happened to see a female body floating in the Brisbane Lagoon face down and nude. The lady witness was present at the scene as she went to Brisbane Pier for fishing. Her husband was accompanying her in the fishing expedition. As per the report by the lady the husband first noticed the body at…show more content…
The bite marks on forearm are a strong indication of a fight between two persons. The assailant had the weapon to kill the victim. I can imagine how the crime occurred. There was a fight between the assailant and the victim. The victim tried to grab the neck of the assailant with her right arm and the assailant bit the victim’s right forearm and got free. If there was a second assailant then there would be no need for biting. After this scuffle, the assailant picked the knife from the ground and stabbed the victim. The knife must have fallen to the ground during the struggle. The bite marks can help in identifying the assailant. We need a suspect’s dental records for positive identification. There were bite marks by the upper arch. They were made up of two distinct central incisor right and left, a portion of the left lateral incisor and what could be a combination of right lateral incisor and right cuspid incisor. (Q 3 &

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