Friendship In The Iliad And The Tain

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Mrs. Meena Mythology 26 November 2014 Friendship is something that is very important for many of the characters in The Iliad and The Tain. If and when the friendship is tested, the characters in Iliad make a choice to either accept or disregard these morals. We follow the characters, Achilleus, Patroklos, Cuchulainn, and Ferdiad, through their journeys where their friendships are tested to the point of death. Achilleus and Patroklos have been friends since childhood. Achilleus is arrogant and cold towards others, but to his dear friend Patroklos he is kind. Upon hearing of his dear friend’s death by the hands of Hector in battle, Achilleus’s grief is tremendous and he swears…show more content…
He is reminded by his father that his most important role towards Achilleus is as an advisor. While in battle, after being mocked by Achilleus for crying, Patroklos asks to lead the Myrmidons into the battlefield. Achilleus agrees and gives Patroklos his armor saying that he should only drive the Trojans off the ships. “He spoke, and Diomedes of the Great War cry was gladdened. He drove his spear deep into the prospering earth and in winning words of friendliness he spoke to the shepherd of the…show more content…
There are plenty of Trojans and famed companions in battle for me to kill, whom the gods sends me, or those I run down with my swift feet, many Achaians for you to slaughter, if you can do it. But let us exchange our armour, so that these others may know how we claim to be guests and friends from the days of our fathers.’” (Homer, 212-215,226-231) While on the battlefield, Patroklos slays numerous opponents that come his way including Sarpedon. After being stripped of his armor by Apollo and speared in the back by Euphorbos, his death comes at the hands of Hektor who stabs him in the gut. Like Achillies and Patroklos, Cuchulainn and Ferdiad’s friendship also dates back from early childhood as they are also brothers, but not by blood. The battle for the Bull led them to fight each other for four days consecutively. Foreseeing the outcome, Cuchulainn tried to discouraged Ferdiad from fighting, reminding him of their earlier learning the art of war from Scathach in Alba; “When we stayed with Scathach We were never apart In our courage or in war. We shared the same heart. You were my best

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