The Neglect: Case Analysis: Nutriselect Case

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The most successful businessman is the man who holds onto the same old methodology just as long as it is still working well and grabs the new way just as soon as it is better”- Lee Iacocca.(Leadershipnow,2008).As quoted, nowadays, there is no company which is in a particularly stable environment. Die or change is one example of radical change in the company. Everyone should prepare all the times. Perception seems to be the way to adapt with those changes. Even if someone has been over promoted but not well prepared, the over his head situation can come to that person. Over his head is the situation that is too hard for someone to withstand the problems because the poor structure of the preparation. As the case study analysis, the Nutriselect…show more content…
Also when he worked he is so hard working that he received an opportunity from the senior CEOs to be a new executive at food giant NutriSelect—a company which made breakfast cereals, frozen desserts, and nearly every type of food a person could eat in between. As he was training program, rotating through positions in operations, marketing, and strategy. Unfortunately, NutriSelect CEO Michael Botolph ,who had mentored and ensured Dan before he would fully become an executive ,died of a heart attack and this made his problems began. he was intimidated by the senior team as well.He knew that at that time the financial status in the company was not very well. With the strategy Michael had put in place before, Dan had intentioned to do much better than it was. The problems are the methods of the senior team and his method are totally different. Although he has a chance to prove himself in the new campaign to celebrate anniversary’s the company, he still got pressured from his team also different opinion from his team. So these are the problems that he confronts at this…show more content…
The first thing that always happened is the resistance from some part of the company. To overcome these problems, managers should use the organizational development tactics as mentioned. According to Bruce Chizen, he mentioned that I've never met a person who said, "When I stepped into my first CEO role, it was a piece of cake." (Bruce Chizen,2009). Finally, before anyone is a leader, success is all about growing themselves. When y become a leader, success is all about growing

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