Medieval Gender Roles In The Middle Ages

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2 The history of gender roles has been long and varied in many ways, sometimes they switch from near equality of the male and female to basically inequality. In the Middle Ages, the difference of each gender was shown greatly in that the woman was seen as weaker gender, and the men were looked as the strong and powerful gender. Some of these gender roles were prevalent during Abelard and Heloise. Throughout the letter, Abelard’s view on gender roles were basically based upon the traditional views on sexuality in the medieval time. An example of this, is in the mind of Abelard women in the medieval society were viewed as a weaker sex who needs help of the stronger gender which is basically known as the male in this time period. Abelard talks and gives an…show more content…
Religion was everything, people took the rules extremely seriously and if you were caught breaking one of these sacred rules you were probably not allowed back at this church or you were humiliated and could never show your face in public again. Later when Heloise actually becomes pregnant with the child. Abelard could not successfully bend the rules because this time period was dead set on their rules and there was no way in getting around them and wouldn't accept a pre marital affair. During this time period it was a very rare thing for anyone to have a pre marital affair because of their beliefs. People fought wars for their churches and belief was basically everything. In Europe people believed in the church because it was everything they had. If word got out that Abelard and Heloise were doing this it would of brought a huge cloud over their head and this is why Heloise decided that it would be better to not tell anyone and not get his reputation ruined. This is because he was the most popular philosopher in Europe and everyone basically knew who he was at this

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