Everyday Use By Alice Walker Analysis Essay

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Everyday use Thesis statement: Alice walker carefully portrays the three characters: mother, Maggie and Dee. Literary analysis Alice walker describes mama as uneducated hardworking woman. She is responsible for the whole family, and her hands are more like those of working men"---big-boned women, man working hand ---". She day dreams about that her daughter dreams about more like what she wants her to be. She is trying to be the mother her daughter wants her to be. The mother was with her oldest sister Dee and supports her always, but then after she traveled to learn and then returned her mother changed her way with her. The mother then stands and supports her young daughter Maggie. Mama decides that the quilts are to be given to Maggie…show more content…
She also gets everything she wants. She keeps on making fun of her sister Maggie “Maggie’s brain is like an elephant’s”.Dee likes to be friend those who will be fascinated with her personality Hakim-a-barber is controlled by Dee. Dee takes pictures of Maggie and her mother. She is showing off with her camera. She has changed because she has kissed her mother on the forehead. However, deep down she didn’t change. Dee changed her name, because she doesn’t like being named after her grandma, people who oppressed her. The mother was shocked of her decision. Dee acts as if she is a visitor. She is amazed by everything in the house. She wants to take the bench and the butter churn to keep them as a centerpiece in her house. Dee wants the butter churn and the quilts because she claims that she is appreciates her heritage through these items. Dee was angry and mad about the mother’s decision. This shows how bad-tempered and selfish Dee is. Dee looks down at her family. She thinks that they are uneducated and not refined as she is. Hence they will not appreciate the value of the quilts, and they will put it to everyday

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