The Pros And Cons Of Community Service

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In 2015, 62.2 million people volunteered, 7.8 billion hours were given, and $184 million was contributed (U.S. Department of Commerce). Were these all statistics of volunteering, or slavery? Community service requirement has been a big debate lately throughout schools, but my idea may be argued. I remember when I had to help out with my church for a big dinner, and I had to walk around with an apron on and serve water. This although made me feel better after I was done helping, but it also made me get home late so I couldn’t get my homework done. This also meant I had less time to sleep. Lastly, this was not a choice I was given, it was something I had to do to give back to my church. My example shows you that volunteering took time away from other things I needed to get done, it wasn’t my choice of what I wanted to do, and also it…show more content…
Requiring volunteering to graduate takes away time to be a kid or teenager. Olivia Lackey says,” some students can't because they have [scheduling] conflicts.”(Require Public Service?). Olivia shows us that some students may have things to do after school, she explains that some students can’t give their time to the community because of time. Time is being taken away in the situation and most people have things to do and they will have to give their time back to the community making them lose time. Students believe this is a problem and I agree with them. I once had to babysit to make money to pay for something, and I had to take my whole Saturday to babysit. This although wasn’t really “volunteering” but it was. I volunteered to babysit, my whole Saturday was taken away. I couldn’t do anything that whole night. This is an example of how time is taken away from us students when we have to volunteer. Requiring volunteering hours to graduate take time away from being a student and or

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