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Antalya City, Turkey 1 Explanation of the principles of destinations analysis 1.1 Explain the purpose destination analysis This research has been chosen in Antalya City, Turkey. One of the best popular destination. Especially, Antalya is well-known that the most famous place on holiday resort of Turkey. It locates between in the Mediterranean region and it is a cheap holiday spot that has excellent restaurants, fancy stores and other major attractions. It attracts tourists more due to the fact that it has incredible natural beauty as well as this attractive tourist spots tourist have to visit once in lifetime. There are among tourist places called incredible nature and ancient city such as Kaleici (Old town), Konyaalti beach, Pamukale and…show more content…
- Social environment providing of weekends and short holidays towards client and new destination of Antalya. - Technical environment which able to purchase easy way method such as Internet, technical progress and service. - Ecological environment which promotes for destination and focused on healthy lifestyles. 1.3 Explain how to assess the risks associated with a tourist destination The risks associated with a tourist destination causes political issue, terrorist attacks and nature disaster. It also risk management in tourism damage number of tourist reduce. Identify the risks of destination that could affect towards your destination which focus on natural hazards, technological effect, biological effect and civil war in state. These are main potential crisis causes risk management method example. Risk Nature impact If there is flooding during rainy season, you have two alternative choice either go ahead towards destination or postpone a date. Risk Transference Generally, all tour destination should provide of insurance company with traveler in order to have safety life during traveling time. How to develop a risk management plan for tourism

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