Diary Summary: The Diary Of A Human Resource Manager

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I would like to share a diary about my job. I work as a human resource practitioner and I have 16 years of experience in managing human resource departments. I have served in many types of industries, namely automotive, trading, retail, services, travel agencies, and consultancies, to name a few. I have also served various bosses during my tenure of employment in the industry, mostly reporting direct to the owner cum operator of the company. My job scope is mainly overseeing the entire operation of human resource, which includes human capital and development, compensation and benefit, training and development, employee relations, and industrial relations related issues. I always act as the intermediary between the employer and employees.…show more content…
I was also responsible for providing guidance, counseling, and facilitation on human resource strategy and recruitment planning, as well as handling questions and answers on all human resource related issues. I was also involved in the job design for employees, whereby I worked together with other branch managers to prepare job scopes, job descriptions, and job evaluations for…show more content…
I was required to provide secretarial and administrative support, including managing the Executive Chairman's meeting schedules/appointments, coordination of meetings, minutes of meetings, coordination of travel arrangements, and other matters. I also needed to write out business proposals and plan preparations of proposals, presentations, and reports. This included vetting, drafting, and editing documents, legal letters, translations, etc. In addition to that, I was responsible for other office management tasks, such as office cleaning and maintenance, procurement and inventory (pantry items, stationary, furniture), contract administration and recordkeeping, event management, driver and reception management, tenancy, security, insurance, company email and website, office automation requirements, and other general support. The job also encompassed planning and executing official and social functions and gatherings, i.e., Annual Dinners, Family Days, and Games for the company. I moved on to another Bumiputra company in November 2009 and am currently still attached to the same company. In this company, I was given similar responsibilities, which was managing the Human Resource Department as the Group Senior Manager of Human Capital & Talent Acquisition, and reported directly to the President of the Company. He was also the owner

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