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Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen is an account of his journey in building a school for the village of Korphe. In September 1993, Greg Mortenson attempts to climb K2, the 2nd tallest mountain of the world, in honor of his sister. As a child, his sister suffered from meningitis but was able to recover from it; however, she became developmentally disabled and suddenly past away in 1992 from an epileptic seizure. Exhausted both physically and mentally, Greg Mortenson decides to rest for the night and plans to continue his journey down in the morning. However, in the morning Mortenson is still exhausted and disoriented. Though disoriented he tries to find his friend and guide, Mouzafer and goes down a path that he believes will lead him…show more content…
With the help of Haji Ali he learns how to build better relationships and learns about the religion. Though there were many obstacles and compromises Greg is able to finish building both the bridge and the school for the village. The boys of the village of Korphe also learn that joining the military is not the only escape from poverty but education is another way. In addition the girls of the villages have access to education. For example Jahan (Haji Ali’s granddaughter), become one of the best students of the Korphe school and further continues her education. During one of Mortenson’s speeches, she shows boldness a characteristic that is not common of women in Pakistan. Another example is a girl named Shakeela who brings pride for her family and village and is paving the path toward a change in attitude toward education for girls. By building the school in Korphe, it helped pave the road to add more schools throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan. The girls and boys of many villages throughout both Pakistan and Afghanistan are able to receive a proper education. Even though, the idea of girls receiving education is not well supported in the region, the girls that are able to attend the schools from the support they receive from families succeed in school. They success is paving the road for future generation of girls and changing the way society views the idea of education for

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