Potato Peels Lab Report

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Materials and Methods Potato peels Fresh potato or eggplant tubers were obtained from local market of Assuit in August 2011. The tubers were washed by water and peeled using kitchen vegetable peeler. The peels were dried in a hot air oven (VEBMLW Medizinische, Gerete, Berlin, Germany) at 200°C for 1 h. The dried peels were ground into a fine powder in laboratory mill (120 Perten, USA). The ground powder that passed through an 80 mesh sieve was packed into polyethylene dark bags and was stored at -18°C until used. Preparation of potato or eggplant peel blends in the presence of wheat flour Two blends were prepared by mixing potato peel powder (blend 1) or eggplant peel powder (blend 2) with wheat flour at ratio 10:90 w/w g/100g) as cited in…show more content…
The blends were prepared in mixture containing 10 g peel powder and 89 g flour with 2 table spoons of extra virgin sunflower oil. One gram of Beer yeast was dissolved in a few volume of water and then was added to the prepared mixtures. The ingredients were stirred after the addition of a half cup of water and then were put dough onto white plastic surface as described in the previous section. Finally, the blends were baked in a preheated 200°C oven for 20 minutes and afterthat they were kept in dark bags at -18°C until…show more content…
The data revealed that no significance difference in odor score and small differences in taste, color and appearance scores were 8 found between potato peel (blend 1) and eggplant peel (blend 2). But there is a large difference in texture giving high score in blend 1 comparing with blend 2. The overall acceptability of blend 1 gave higher score than blend 2. As well, the score of blend 1 is close to control sample 1. Therefore, in the absence of yeast, the blend of potato peel (23.89%) is more favorable than the blend of egg plant peel (14.94%). The sensory evaluation results of potato peel and eggplant peel blends (3 & 4) in the presence of yeast revealed that no significant in texture score was obtained. While, there are significant differences in taste, appearance, color and odor scores between blend 3 and blend 4. The overall acceptability (34.81%) of blend 4 containing eggplant peel in the presence of yeast is more favorable than blend 3 (18.80%).

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