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The audience for this commercial are farmer’s and bible belt viewers. The narrative is done by Paul Harvey a famous radio announcer. This is using a Celebrity to endorse an persuade people that by using Paul Harvey they are a successful company . The use of this celebrity is ingenious as farmers spend most of their time outdoors and listen to the radio. Most of the targeted audience would be familiar with Paul Harvey. The opening lines are “ On the eight day , god looked down on his planet”. The use of the bible is appropriate as farmers and the Midwest are considered the bible belt. Mr. Harvey then describes in detail the life of a farmer. The grueling hard work, the heartache , the family ties and all the while tying back to why…show more content…
The overall emotion and tone of the advertisement is Paul Harvey relaying a story of how a farmer was created like how the earth was created in the bible. He tells a story of the life of farmer the hardships, heartache and hardwork that it entails to live the life of a farmer.By him describing the life of a farmer he is transferring his celebrity status to the farmer. The ad shows farmers clearing fields, farmers with animals, farmers sitting on tractors and farmers sitting on the back of trucks with tailgate down. The first half of the video is commentary by Paul Harvey with pictures of farmers before the product he is selling is introduced. The emotional appeal is showing farmers, families, children and animals all the while laying the groundwork of a farmer’s life. Belonging appeal is used in this commericial by showing farmers of all ages, sizes and races. The product is not shown until you are 1.48 minutes into a 2.02 video. The states “ To all the farmer in us Guts Glory Dodge Ram with no speaking outside of background noise like you are in open field. The advertisement does not give you a breakdown of the truck capabilities, accessory or price. This ad is clearly designed to entice farmers and the Bible belt consumers with no specific details about the

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