Green Tea Literature Review

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Most of the studies in this review revealed the positive effects of green tea catechin extracts and their significant benefits on weight loss. Most of the reviewed studies concluded that there is a probable benefit of green tea, when combined with other agents that aid the oxidation of fat, in relation to weight loss and the prevention of lifestyle diseases, such as obesity and overweight. Even though most of the research studies about the effects of green tea rich in catechins were conclusive in relation body weight, future studies are necessary to further examine other impacts of the substances when consumed for long periods. A review of the five studies conducted in Taiwan and the Netherlands showed a significant weight loss benefit in consuming catechins-rich green tea as compared to green tea with other supplements. Only one of the five studies did not show a positive result in relation to weight loss among the subjects used. The studies conducted in Taiwan showed significant weight loss in the subjects than those conducted in Netherlands. A possible explanation for this difference is the fact that the level of BMI varies in…show more content…
These ailments include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, liver disease, and cancer. The catechins in green tea also facilitate the treatment of several metabolic syndromes, different cardiovascular risk factors, and obesity (Tsai, Chiu, Yang, Ouyang, & Yen, 2009). The purpose of this paper is to review existing literature on the effectiveness of drinking cups of green tea as compared to green tea extracts in weight loss. This review examines five studies that demonstrate and attempt to support the hypothesis that the long-term consumption of green tea can be helpful against weight gain due to high-fat diet. This paper highlights the action mechanism, efficiency, and side effects of green tea according to various

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